2016 Reflection ||

Some big changes happened for me in 2016, and looking back I changed a lot throughout the year thus why I decided to delete all my previous posts and start all over again in 2017. A fresh start with my new-found maturity and mindset!
Coming from 2015 I knew that 2016 was going to be a year of change and I was so right, so many changes happened within my life but also within society and the world. I got into University, gained new friends, stronger relationships and started living an “adult life” away from my parents. In the world we all witnessed devastating terrorist attacks, The UK left the E.U, Donald Trump is the next American President.

We’ve all been through so much but I want to thank God that I have made it this far, without him I really wouldn’t be here. 2015 was a very difficult year for me and I went through a lot mentally, leaving that year I asked God for one thing and that was peace of mind and he came through.
I have a peace of mind, I have loving friends and family around me, I got into university and so far have met some amazing people who I truly love and care for already! God did that, not me but him!
I really learned a lot and I have this new-found confidence in myself, I’ve honestly never been so comfortable in my own skin before until now and I could not have done that by myself.
I thank God because he gave me the positive influence in my life as well as guidance and blessings on blessings.

I get caught up in life all the time and always forget to write but this 2017, I am going to post and post to my heart’s content!

I am literally back and better



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