Closer to My Dream

I remember when I wanted to start this blog, I wanted a way to express myself like all the Youtubers I would watch. Starting a channel did cross my mind but I’m such a shy person in front of the camera and the most un-photogenic person I know, so the next best thing was for me to start this blog and publish my thoughts, feelings, and dreams to a bunch of strangers to read.

I won’t lie to you, there have been so many moments where I have just been discouraged and feeling insecure about myself and this blog. I worried, hell I still worry that I won’t reach out to people and make them think, make them feel, I worry that I am just talking utter rubbish all the time and that I will never be like other established bloggers. I want to be someone who can possibly make a difference in people’s lives through my blog, I want to touch people’s hearts, have them crying, laughing and just simply enjoying my thoughts.
Though I have started this blog I still have that fear of failing, but the one thing that genuinely keeps me going after my dream is the fact that I can’t live with “what if’s”… A bigger fear of mine is waking up ten years down the line and being miserable at work, at home, with life and going to bed each night thinking “what if I just continued my blog?”.

Our problem in society is that we fear to go after the things that we really want, we don’t want to take risks, especially unconventional risks and get hurt but then on the flip side of it all, those who do go after their dreams struggle with patience. We all want to be superstars NOW, we want our dreams to come true NOW, we want to be successful NOW and life is just not like that. You have got to be patient and your time, your success will come to you, I strongly believe that anything worth having will not be straightforward, there will be a battle to obtain whatever it is you want in life.

We have one life, only one chance to make the most of it and this thing we call “life” will have its ups and downs. In this world, not everyone will support or understand your vision and when you come across people who just want to see you fall, do not be discouraged, let that negativity push you to do better, do not look at what your neighbour is doing or how successful they are, focus on YOU.

Along with the haters you will have your supporters and they will be the ones to encourage and support you, these are the people you need by your side as the journey you will embark will not be an easy one, those who genuinely love and support you will show it by being happy for you.

The Disney film Meet the Robinsons has such a simple but effective quote from Walt Disney that is used throughout the entire film:

“We don’t look backward for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we are curious….And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”Walt Disney

How delightful is that! Not everything you do the first time will work out, you are going to get rejected, suffer from writer’s block, throw away artwork you think has gone to shit…. but the most important thing to do after all of that is to keep going, keep moving forward because the day you decide to quit is the day your life could have changed for the better but because you have given up, you have now blocked your blessing. You have got to keep a positive mind, though it is probably one of the most difficult things to do, if you have a right state of mind, you can receive blessings and your destiny slowly becomes more clear each day.

Alice x


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