Chapter of My Life: Adulting

Was I prepared for this chapter in my life?
Hell NO!

It’s all fun and games turning 18 and legally an “adult” you get to drink and go to the clubs, you get to go the clubs and you get to drink. Those were the only benefits I was really looking forward to, I would get to join in on all my friends crazy night outs and got damn I went wild. Turning 18 for me also meant that I would be going to university and I could finally have the freedom I had been craving for, being a girl with African roots meant that I had been on lock down most of my life-like Fiona locked away in the tower, I always had to ask for permission to go somewhere and if I was allowed I had the tightest curfew known to man! I could never leave the house after 7 pm (rolls eyes) but it did change from 7 to 8 pm after a while…lucky me!

You can understand why I  was so excited to leave the nest and live all by myself, two hours away from my family! And it was amazing, I lived in the city, I went out whenever I wanted, came back whenever I wanted and traveled around England without my parents’ knowing a damn thing.
I was having a good time until reality hit me on the head….

I had responsibilities and it turns out I wasn’t as responsible as I thought I was!
Grocery shopping – I never ever understood the price of food until I was actually paying for it myself, with my own hard-earned money or from time to time student finance money. I really understood why my mum would moan at me if I kept adding unnecessary stuff to the shopping trolley. It was ridiculous how much I had to spend just to survive and from time to time I would wonder if I really had to eat…
I didn’t think this because I didn’t have money for food, the reality of it was, I would have rather of spent that money on a new pair of shoes or on a night out than have to buy chicken for dinner!

Laundry – I would always roll my eyes if my mum asked me to put the clothes in the washing machine because it meant that I would have to stop what I was doing, separate the clothes and then head down the stairs then up again once I was done. I was silly back then, at university not only did I still have to go up and down but I had to pay £2.80 just to wash my clothes and then £1.40 to dry my clothes and sometimes I would carry my heavy washing basket down to the laundry room and find all the machines taken.

Bills/Rent/ Money – I remember when student loan first dropped and my bank account had never seen such money like that, but the momentum of being “rich” quickly disappeared when I remembered that I had to pay my rent with this money. When I first paid my rent the bank would not let the transaction go through and sent me a text to confirm it was really me, even my bank could not believe how much I had to pay. I also started paying my phone bill, Netflix, the list can go on….
Having money wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be because before I could even enjoy it I had to be RESPONSIBLE! Pay for the important things first and when I could enjoy my money, I had to enjoy in moderation! And don’t get me started on this thing called credit!

Job – A job is a must, there is no way you can survive without one these days because it’s becoming more and more expensive to breathe! Firstly finding one suitable is a mission itself and then once you get one, you actually have to work all the shifts they have given you! (how wild is that!) in university it’s even harder because everyone is enjoying, going out and having banter without you while you are stuck doing a dead-end job.

Was I prepared for this chapter in my life?

But this has been the best year I have ever had, the things that I have been through have happened to me for a reason, for a purpose and I am one step closer to discovering the real Alice, the Alice that I am meant to be.
The lessons and experiences University gives you, you can’t learn else where and these moments will shape you for the rest of your life, they are priceless moments that you should cherish forever. If you have the chance to go to university, I say take it!
Whenever I am fed up of being an adult, I just go home for the weekend and let my mum boss me around, tell me to wash the dishes or tell me I can’t go out and I am always ready to head back to my freedom within a couple of hours of being at home.


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