She Gon Do What to Who?!

It’s not new news that Offset cheated on Cardi B, I and along with many people were really rooting for them as a couple, rooting for them as individuals.

Funnily enough, this post isn’t really going to be a “men are trash” type of post, normally I would be all for it and have plenty to say on the subject matter. But the real core of this post is Cardi B’s response to forgiving Offset for cheating on her…

Cardi B is such a force of nature and a lady who has literally won people over with her fierce sassy music and personality. It’s a shame to read this because it seems as if she is accepting Offset’s behaviour.
Don’t get me wrong, cheating is not anything new and it can happen to everyone – hell even Beyoncé! But no matter how many times we hear about cheating or the people who do it, we should never just roll over and accept that a man is going to cheat on us and that there is “no point” in leaving him for someone better.

In my eyes love is not enough for me to stay with someone who cheats on me and just because there is a possibility that another man may cheat on me, doesn’t mean that I have to stay with a trash ass man. I will start over and keep searching for the man who is willing to treat me right when I am there and when I’m not. Real love will never want to cause you any harm, will never want to see you emotionally and physically hurt! Real love will never look at another woman or man while YOU are together, real love respects you, real love will not have you looking stupid and real love will NEVER cheat on you.
Offset has made this strong, sassy woman look very stupid and its a damn shame because some people look up to her.

Whether celebrities like it or not, they become role models to some people and younger fans are more likely to construct their identity around their favourite celebrity. Now imagine the little girls who fell in love with Cardi and her music, think about how many girls may just look at her and see her attitude towards the situation and follow her example. It sounds stupid that people just follow celebrities like that but they do and it happens all the time, people idolize celebrities.

She’s made it out to be not that big of a deal, like Offset lied to her about the stupidest thing but it’s not a stupid thing, its something that can have serious effects on people – triggers one’s confidence, insecurities, self-esteem, children witness parents cheating and believe it is the norm and it not an issue because mum or dad did it. It goes deeper than just a little affair as it can alter people’s lives and mentality forever. Imagine always worrying, always on edge because you don’t know when your man is going to cheat on you next? Tossing and turning at night wondering what that other person/people have that you don’t have or maybe if today is the day your partner is going to leave you for that other person…that is a mental hell ladies and gentlemen and no one should put you through that nor should you stay with them.

However Cardi B was right in saying that every relationship different and everyone will handle cheating in their own way, some relationships can survive cheating and some can’t, though I do wonder how she dealt with it cos damn those videos coming out like that for the world to see…..
It’s a vicious circle and Cardi B’s reason is a dangerous reason. In my opinion, that big rock he gave her doesn’t mean shit, she also didn’t need to explain her reasons to anyone but when she did it opened up a can of worms.
Let’s hope for her sake this is the last we hear of Offset cheating.

Alice x

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