A Real Valentines Day

I’d only ever had one Valentine in my life, I was in year 3 and I had a “boyfriend” at the time who got me a teddy bear holding a fake rose. It was really cute and unexpected because I didn’t think I would be getting a present, we were in year 3 and it’s not like we were doing 9-5’s or anything. His mother probably took him to the local corner shop to get me something. Luckily for me, my mum always got me valentines day card and present so that night I washed one of the bears that she gave me and re-gifted it to my boyfriend the next day.

That was the first valentine I ever had which doesn’t really count because we didn’t even know what it meant to be in a relationship, we were too young. As I got older boys didn’t take me seriously and anyone I was ever interested in seemed to disappear by the time valentines day came around. I’m meant to say that valentine’s day is not just for couples to celebrate, but friends and family can celebrate too but let’s cut the bullshit!
Every single person at one point sees all the lovey-dovey posts on social media and wishes, for a split second that they had someone to share the day with. Social media really changed the game for me, by the end of high school I was on it a lot more and I was exposed to how many of my peers were in relationships and I realised how alone I was and I felt like I was missing out on something important.

As much as I scream I’m an independent woman and scream the Pussycat Dolls ‘I don’t need a man’…I wanted to be able to join in the hype! I wanted to be able to post my spa weekend snaps, Instagram my fancy dinner from the Shard and tweet pictures of my gifts on the TL. And I think we will all have that time in our lives when we just want to be able to show off to the world that we are not completely sad and lonely, that someone actually loves you the way you are.
All my friends growing up had boyfriends or had at least been in one serious relationship but no one ever liked me enough to want to make me a girlfriend.
Me being me I wouldn’t wonder what was wrong with the boys but I would wonder what was wrong with me. Was I not attractive? Was I not girlfriend material? Was I not loveable? Or was my personality that shit? These questions went through my mind every valentines day that I spent single.

For the first time in my 19 years of life, I will be celebrating valentines day, the love hearts, soppy social media posts, presents, wine and dining the works!
But the gag is I couldn’t care less about this day because when you finally find someone who loves you, every time you talk, every time you see each other you feel loved. My boyfriend makes me feel special and loved every single day and as cliché as this is…valentines day is every day for us and I don’t need a day or a special occasion to tell him that I love him and vice-versa. Now don’t get me wrong I like the fact that I can join in with all the other stunt-ers but it’s not even important to me, the fancy food, presents, all of that is not important and I would be happy with a simple card and a movie night with pizza.
In a real relationship, you don’t have to do all the extra stuff to prove you love someone or to feel loved, those materialistic things don’t represent love. It’s about the feelings you have for each other, the friendship you have, the chemistry and the connection. Those things are what makes valentines day, they are the things that can’t be stolen, faked or bought from a shop.

There is love out there for everyone no matter who they are, what they look like or how they act. To really have a valentine’s day that matters, you have to be patient and wait for the right person to enjoy it with and to create beautiful moments together that you can never forget.
That what it’s all about it for me, creating moments with each other and when I am with my boyfriend, when we are really present we never have the time to grab our phones to post a snap, tweet and Instagram a picture because we are in the moment.
And with that, I’ll end this post and say Happy Valentines Day to everyone and hope you all enjoy the day.

Alice x

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