Personal || About Me

I really did not want to start this with the whole “my name is” line but there is really no other way to start an ‘about me’ page, as you read my blog you will learn that I don’t always like to be the typical, conventional person, I enjoy being different.
But keeping this short and sweet…

My name is Alice and I live in England wiAbout me Pageth my very typically, wacky African family, I’m currently at university studying Media Communications and Society (what a mouthful!). Those who know will understand the shock and horror I gave my parents when I told them that I wanted to do media as a career path, it was not the doctor/lawyer dream they had for me but I’m lucky enough to have parents who, really just let me do whatever I have wanted to and have been supporting me since.

I have many dreams, this blog has always been a dream of mine and to even start it was really scary for me but having one of my dreams become a reality and to have a platform that is all mine and no one else is liberating. I am so excited to share my views, thoughts, and opinions to all you strangers.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little intro and stay tuned for more

Lots of love

Alice x